In 2011/2012 the Government launched the Pupil Premium funding allocation to schools.

The Pupil Premium is funding in addition to the schools budget and is based on the number of children eligible for free school meals (FSM), Looked After Children (LAC) and for those children whose parents are currently in the Armed Forces. From 2012/2013 it was expanded to include all children who have been eligible for FSM within the last six years.

The DFE have stated that schools have the freedom to decide how to use this funding as they see fit based upon their knowledge of individual pupils needs and that all pupils are taught to a good standard.

At St. Laurence Church of England Junior Academy we use additional funding in the following ways;

  • Part funding for additional staffing, family support and attendance
  • Access to school councillor service
  • Pastoral support for parents, families and children
  • Pixil subscription
  • Training
  • Curriculum enrichment
  • Nurter resources