There are 8  pupils from 6 who are our worship leaders in school. After a discussion about what they wanted to call themselves they came up with 'Worship Shepherds' to tie in with our School Bible Story - the Story of the Lost Sheep. 

The Worship Shepherds plan and lead Collective Worship in classes on Thursdays.  They use Picture News which is a school Collective Worship resource which focuses on events in national, world news and current affairs.  This enables children to discuss issues around British Values, children's rights and protected characteristics in addition to developing their debating and communication skills.

Here are their thoughts about their role in school:

“ I like the activities that we do and the drama. I enjoy lighting the candle because it makes me feel good”.

“ I like having the responsibility of making other people understand worship- this makes me feel happy”.

“ I enjoy leading worship and bringing people together”

“ I enjoy lighting the candle and having reflection time”

“ I enjoy leading worship because you get to ask people questions that really make them think”

“ I enjoy planning worship because we can do it together”