Our commitment is to provide a challenging, and well-structured curriculum offering various pathways, ensuring an engaging and rigorous education for students of all capabilities.

The key objectives for our curriculum include:

1. Catering to the individual needs of our students, keeping numerous options available to them.
2. Attaining the best possible academic outcomes for every student.
3. Ensuring enduring high-quality learning experiences.
4. Facilitating substantial knowledge and language acquisition.
5. Cultivating transferable skills development.
6. Preparing students for the subsequent stages of education, employment, and life in contemporary Britain.
7. Fostering the development of well-rounded, confident, and open-minded young adult

Our teaching strategies are grounded in metacognitive and retrieval practice pedagogies. These approaches enable students to learn more effectively, enhance memory retention, and establish meaningful connections between subjects and real-life events or current affairs. Additionally, we empower students to link their learning to their community, understand their geographic locality, and develop their identity as national, European, and global citizens. Metacognition, defined as "thinking about your own thinking," forms the foundation of our approach, emphasizing processes such as planning, tracking, and assessing one's understanding or performance (John H. Flavell, 1985).

Interwoven throughout our curriculum are strands of Personal, Social, Moral, Spiritual, and Cultural education (Personal Development). For more information, please visit our Spirituality page - here

More detailed information on the subjects for the academic year 2023/24 can be found further down this page.

Parents can find information on homework tasks by subject and guidance on supporting their child each term on the individual class pages.