At St Laurence C.E Junior Academy, we are dedicated to fostering strong connections with our local schools, facilitating seamless transitions for our students. Our collaboration involves ongoing communication among staff to ensure a smooth shift between different schools.

Transition to the Next Year Group
Recognising the apprehension that may accompany the move to a new year group, we prioritise the well-being of our students. In addition to our scheduled transition day in July, where students gain valuable insights into the upcoming year, we implement additional transition activities and opportunities where needed.

These initiatives aim to create a comfortable and familiar environment for the children, fostering connections with their new teacher and teaching assistant before the official start in September. By providing tailored transition experiences, we strive to alleviate any anxieties and ensure a positive and supportive beginning to the new academic year.

Our commitment to holistic student development includes addressing emotional and social aspects, ensuring that each child feels confident and prepared for the exciting challenges that the next year group holds.

Key Stage One to Key Stage Two Transition
We actively engage with the Infant School to plan comprehensive transition activities. Transition activities include:

  • Meetings with current Year 2 teachers
  • Interaction with the children at the Infant school to observe them in action
  • Information sessions for parents
  • Access to our school Prospectus

For those considering an application to St Laurence C.E Junior Academy, we encourage you to arrange a tour by contacting the school office.

If you or your child are experiencing heightened anxiety about starting Junior School in September, our Family Liaison Officer, Mrs. Shepherd, is available for support. She is more than willing to discuss concerns with you and provide activities and strategies to assist during this time.

Transition to Secondary School

Secondary School transition usually include a two-day visit towards the end of the Summer term, typically in late June or early July. During these days, all Thanet secondary schools organise transition activities.

Additional transition measures may involve short visits to the chosen secondary school over several months, as needed, and small group activities in school to address potential anxieties and questions.

Our dedicated staff liaise with secondary school personnel, ensuring that pertinent information about your child is conveyed well in advance of the September transition.