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07 March 2024
World Book Day 2024
St. Laurence CE Junior Academy went above and beyond to craft a captivating literary celebration for its students on World Book Day, March 7, 2024. The festivities peaked with a joint workshop featuring the lively Gilbert Giggles and the knowledgeable Tamara Macfarlane, creating an unforgettable experience. The week-long celebration commenced with a generous contribution from Adam at The Classroom, gifting each child a free book and laying the foundation for an immersive literary journey. This gesture not only supplied tangible resources but also symbolized the school's dedication to fostering a love for reading. Embracing technology, the academy facilitated online workshops with esteemed authors Robin Stevens, Ed Vere, and Dr. Sheila Kanan. This digital interaction allowed students to gain firsthand insights into the art of storytelling, bringing literature to life in a fresh and exciting manner. The joint workshop by Gilbert Giggles and Tamara Macfarlane stood out as a highlight, infusing laughter and learning into an interactive and engaging experience that captivated young minds. Mrs. Marazzi, a year 3 teacher, expressed her enthusiasm, noting that the children thoroughly enjoyed the session. Students echoed their delight, describing the workshop as "incredible, silly, and funny." The event exemplified the academy's commitment to providing a diverse and enriching literary experience, as emphasized by Mrs. Mountjoy. She highlighted the importance of integrating fun and learning, stating that World Book Day goes beyond celebrating books; it's about recognizing the transformative impact of literature on students' lives. This approach reflects St. Laurence CE Junior Academy's dedication to holistic and enriching education through literature.
05 February 2024
Sponsored Read
Pupils at St Laurence CE Junior Academy recently engaged in a Sponsored Read, securing nearly £200 for their school library. The initiative aimed to promote a love for reading while fundraising for diverse book additions. Taylor and Jessica stood out as top fundraisers, contributing significantly to the overall success. The funds will enrich the library, offering varied reading options. The event showcased the power of collective effort in fostering literacy and community spirit among the pupils.
19 January 2024
Skip 2 B Fit
'Skip 2 B Fit' brought a vibrant energy to St Laurence CE Junior Academy, encouraging physical activity and inspiring pupils to embrace skipping as an enjoyable exercise. Led by David McCormack, the event aimed to improve fitness and instil the importance of setting personal bests. In the gym, students participated in a 2-minute skipping challenge, recording their scores on integrated skip counters. Despite tired legs, many pupils surpassed their personal bests, showcasing determination. 'Skip 2 B Fit' emphasises individual improvement, with Mr. Wells, the school's PE Lead, expressing enthusiasm for the concept. The workshop not only motivated healthier lifestyles but also promoted nutritious habits, giving participants free blueberries as a snack.
16 January 2024
Year 4 travel to The O2 in London for Young Voices
Well done to Palm Bay who travelled to the 02 in London this week to take part in the biggest children’s choir in the world! The children were wonderful! HUGE thanks to Mr. Bottle for organising and teaching the songs and to Ms. Graham, Mr. Wells, Mrs. Hawkes and Mrs. Humphries for taking the class on such a long trip. And last but not least to the parents who when with the children and were in the massive audience
20 November 2023
VR Workshops
Our students had an exciting day exploring science topics through Virtual Reality (VR) workshops on Monday, November 20th. Led by Mrs. Campbell, the Science Lead, the VR sessions delved into subjects like Animals including Humans and Living Things and their Habitats. The workshops allowed students to journey through the human body in 360-degree VR, providing an immersive experience. These VR workshops not only enhanced the understanding of science concepts but also sparked a passion for learning.
13 November 2023
Odd Socks Day 2023
We kicked off Anti-Bullying Week with a vibrant Odd Sock Day on November 13, 2023. Students and staff celebrated individuality by wearing mismatched socks, promoting acceptance and sparking discussions on inclusivity. The day included activities and assemblies focusing on kindness, respect, and the impact of bullying. Mrs. Mountjoy, the school's SENCo, emphasised the importance of inclusivity, stating that Odd Sock Day reinforces that every student is an integral part of the school family. The week-long Anti-Bullying initiative at the academy goes beyond wardrobe choices, aiming to create a supportive environment where empathy and understanding are valued. The colourful odd socks served as a bold statement against bullying, showcasing the school's commitment to a culture of kindness and acceptance.