Key Text: Boudica’s Army and The Reluctant Dragon
Literacy – Fact files, story writing, explanation texts
Maths – Number including Multiplication and Division
Science – Plants
PE – Tennis and Athletics
Art – Turner and other artists
RE – Kingdom of God
PSHE – Pants and RSE


Literacy- Balanced argument- Should we be part of the European Union?, Biography on Ghandi- (linked to RE- Why is he a Hindu hero?), Poetry - Magic Box

Maths- Decimals, money and time
Science- Living things and their habitats
ICT- Writing HTML – How to build a webpage
PE- Athletics (Monday)
Geography/History- Britain and the European Union, Comparing India and the UK
RE- Hinduism – What does it mean to be a Hindu in the UK today?
Art/DT- Pioneering Places Project, Making musical instruments
PSHE- Relationships and Sex Education (Parts of the body, how we grow and change)


English: We will be exploring a variety of genres based around, “The Iron Man” by Ted Hughes.
Maths: Fractions including decimals and percentages.
Science: Properties and Changes of Materials
Art/Topic: Ancient Greece
PE: Athletics and Dance.
RE: What does it mean to be Jewish in Britain today?
PSHE: Relationships and sex education (RSE) and Mind to be Kind.


ENGLISH - We will be exploring a variety of genres- persuasive arguments,
narrative, non-chronological reports, descriptive writing & poetry.
Texts will be linked to Mayan myths.
Core Text: Wonder by R J Palacio
MATHS - Number, Ratio & Proportion, Algebra, Measurement, Geometry & Statistics.
SCIENCE - Livings Things and their Habitats/ Evolution and Inheritance
COMPUTING- Databases
PE – Tennis/Athletics & Dance
RE – Christianity & Islam
PSHE – Transition to secondary & RSE (Relationships and Sex Education)
ART & DT – Mayan masks and clay artefacts