Key Texts: Flat Stanley and Matilda
Literacy – Word work and sentence building plus describing characters and settings
Maths – Place value and addition and subtraction
ICT – Introduction to ICT and handling laptops / iPads, including databases
Science – Animals and humans. Healthy eating.
Geography – Studying our local area including our local church
PE – Developing fundamental sport skills through Netball and Gymnastics.
Art – Exploring line drawing and self-portraits.
DT – Making a healthy snack or dessert
RE – People of God
PSHE – New beginnings and working collaboratively




English              Instructional writing, narrative and persuasive writing.

Maths               Multiplication and Division.

Science             Properties of Materials

Computing          Cryptology

Topic                 Ancient Egypt

RE                    People of God - How can following God bring freedom and justice?

PSHE                My Mind and E Safety

PE                     Rugby and dance. Taught on Thursday and Friday.



Literacy- Core text- ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ by Michael Morpurgo. We will be exploring a variety of genres such as letter writing, diary entries, biographies, recounts & descriptive writing.

Maths- Number, place Value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions and position & direction.

Science- Electricity & Animals (including humans), with a focus on the respiratory and circulatory systems as well as keeping healthy.

Computing – Online Safety, coding & databases

PE- Hockey, basketball & OAA (Outdoor and Adventurous Activities)

Geography- Japan. Map work relating to countries involved in WW2. Finding out about the axis and allies. Grid references. 

RE- Creation and Science: Conflicting or Complimentary & Gosepl: What would Jesus do?

Art/DT- Blitz inspired landscapes. WW2 propaganda posters, sketching of WW2 aircrafts, designing and making a replica gas mask.

History- WW2: Outbreak of War, everyday life, the Blitz, air raids, evacuation, rationing & remembrance.

PSHE- My Mind & Organisation