Frequently asked questions by parents about children returning to school March 2021

Is it compulsory for my child to attend school?
Yes- all children must return to school on 8th March

Will my child’s temperature be taken on arrival?
No as it is not reliable in hot weather or if a child rides their bike/ runs to school – if a child exhibits symptoms of being unwell a digital contactless thermometer will be used in school. If a temperature is detected they will be sent home straight away.

What happens at break time and lunchtime?
The children stay in their class bubble and are given zones to stay in – they are not permitted to mix with the other class groups.

How are the children organised in classrooms?
Desks are spaced apart and forward facing. All children have their own equipment.

Does my child have to wear uniform?
Yes – please ensure that your child is in full uniform and has all of it named.

Are school dinners still available?
Yes – payable at £2.40 a day unless your child is in receipt of Free School Meals

Can my child bring in their own lunchbox?
Yes as this is kept separately on a trolley.

Does my child need to bring in a school bag and equipment?
Yes- they need their own pencil case with pencils, ruler, colouring pencils, rubber and sharpener. School bags can be kept in lockers during the day.

Is Breakfast club available?
Yes from 7.45am -8.40am but space is limited so please ring the office to book a place.

Will there be After School clubs?
Yes- but places will be restricted. More clubs will become available later in term 4. All clubs will finish by 3.55pm at the latest.

Does my child need a PE kit in school?
Yes they will need a full PE kit brought into school on Monday 8th March. This needs to go home every Friday for washing and returned on a Monday

Does my child have their own equipment?
Yes and will share class resources in their class bubble.

My child used to receive extra support in a small intervention groups- will this still happen?
These groups will still happen because they will be with consistently the same children.

What happens if my child is ill can I still send them into school?
No- if your child is ill for any reason then they must stay at home. If they have a re-occurring temperature, dry cough or loss of taste then the whole family must self-isolate for 10 days and you must go to or phone 119 to book a test.

How often are classrooms and toilets cleaned?
All classrooms and toilets are cleaned periodically through the day and deep cleaned at the end of the day.

How are children separated in the dining hall?
Each learning group has a staggered lunch break so that cleaning can take place in between each sitting.

How often does my child need to wash their hands? Can they take in hand cream?
Children wash their hands on entry to the school building, before and after break and lunch, before they go home and in between activities. This could be as much as 6 or 7 times a day. Yes they can bring in their own hand cream to put on after they have washed their hands.

Is school open in the Easter holidays?
No- but Playwise offer a holiday club if you need it. Contact Martine on 07971 541 747 for further details.

Will school trips still go ahead?
We will continually review guidance and make decisions about school trips nearer the time.

What happens if a child or an adult in my child’s class bubble tests positive for coronavirus?
The bubble will close for 10 days from the last point of contact and home learning for that class will resume.

Can my child wear a mask in school?
DFE advice is that Primary children do not wear masks because they are more likely to touch their faces , fiddle with their masks which could lead to a greater chance of infection.