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Coronavirus story

Please follow this link to view an illustrated book about Coronavirus.

Comments from Year 6 about their return:


• I like having my own desk and space, I can concentrate more.
• I like being in a small group at break and lunch. We get to play sports.
• It’s great not having contact sports as there are no arguments.
• I am able to see my friends and my class again.
• It has stopped me getting up late- I am in a routine again.
• I was really tired on the first day because my brain had to work.
• I missed school dinners.
• School is a lot quieter.
• You can wear what you want to – like my nice comfy hoodie

• Not all my friends came back to school.
• You can’t choose where to go at lunchtime anymore- you have to stay with your group’s assigned adult and your assigned area.
• It seemed strange being in such a small group to start with- you have to get on with them.